10 Things To Know About the Feria de Abril de Sevilla

Every year since 1847, the Spanish city of Sevilla has held what is known as the Feria de Abril, what is now a week of food, drink, dancing, and fun for the whole family. This April Flamenco Tulsa is excited to celebrate the Feria de Abril here in our own community on April 23. Here are ten things to know about how the people of Sevilla enjoy the annual Feria. While we won't have horse drawn carriages (this year! :) ) or roller coaster rides at our 2016 Tulsa community celebration, you'll be sure to find food, friends, fun, and dancing! Contact lexi@reflejosflamencos.com for more information, or click here for more info about Feria de Abril de Tulsa!

1. Timing. For the city of Sevilla, the Feria de Abril usually takes place two weeks after Semana Santa (Easter Holy Week). It starts on a Monday at midnight and ends with fireworks at midnight on the following Sunday.

2. La Portada. Every year a special Portada (entrance) is designed and constructed for the entrance of the Feria. The Feria is held on the other side of the Guadalquiver River on the edge of the neighborhood, Los Remedios.

3. El Alumbrao. The "turning on of lights" that signals the start of Feria when the lights at midnight on Monday.

4. Food. "La Cena del Pescaito" (Fried Fish Dinner) also known as "La Noche del Pescaito" (Fried Fish Night), takes place Monday before the lights are turned on for the Alumbrao. "Pescaito" (fried fish) is also served throughout the week-long event as well as churros and other typical Southern Spanish food.

5. Dancing. The traditional dance known as the Sevillanas is a must! People in Sevilla prepare weeks in advance refreshing Sevillanas dance skills to be ready to dance the nights away.

6. Casetas. Square tents or "casetas" are set up for partying with food, drink and Sevillanas dancing. Some casetas are open to the public while many are private and are by invitation only.

7. Attire. Girls and women wear flamenco dresses or "trajes de flamenca". There is no shortage of polka dots, bright colors, ruffles, and flowers in the hair! Many people buy new dresses for Feria every year as the styles and trends change from year to year. Traditionally men would wear a "traje corto" (short suit) although a regular suit is now common.

8. Drink. Rebujito. Equal parts soda and Sherry (Manzanilla or Fino)

9. Calle de Infierno. Amusement Park rides are available to kids and families on what is literally translated as "The Street from Hell."

10. Horse-drawn Carriage. Horse drawn carriages can be rented and seen paraded at the Feria during the day or afternoon. You would see the most traditional dress at this time and it makes for great photo opportunities!

Hope you can join us as we celebrate the Feria de Abril in Tulsa on April 23!

Flamenco Tulsa presents:

Feria de Abril de Tulsa

Saturday, April 23, 2016

7pm at Mamasota's in the Farm Shopping Center


Special Dance classes will be offered the month of April to get

your Sevillanas dance skills up to speed for Feria! Click here to see the schedule and enroll.

Contact lexi@reflejosflamencos.com for more information